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Segunda à Sexta-Feira, das 09:00 às 20:00. Urgência 24h.


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Would you like to know more about us? Check out our blog! Every article is written by the professionals involved in your care. We approach topics we consider important for our patients’ lives without any wind-up, as clear as we can.

ORTODONTIA! Como funciona, tipos de aparelho, expectativa

Vamos lá: ortodontia! Nessa semana fizemos um compilado geral sobre a ortodontia e aparelhos dentários. Assuntos e dúvidas recorrentes que fazem parte da nossa prática diária foram pontuados nesse vídeo. Como o vídeo ficou bem completo, convid

Restaurações em AMÁLGAMA: Vale apena trocar? Vantagens e Desvantagens!

Vamos falar um pouco sobre as restaurações metálicas em amálgama! O amálgama de prata foi por muito tempo o principal material utilizado para a restauração de dentes que foram acometidos por doenças como a cárie. Ele nada mais consiste em um

BRUXISMO! Sintomas, causas, diagnóstico e tratamentos.

Vamos falar um pouco sobre essa condição presente na vida de muitas pessoas. Primeiramente, o bruxismo consiste em uma hiperatividade dos músculos que envolvem a mastigação (abertura, fechamento, protrusão e lateralidade da mandíbula). Esses m

A introdução completa sobre o SISO!

Vamos falar sobre aquele dente que sempre insiste em lembrar que ele existe em fins de semana e feriados importantes! Pois é: são nessas datas convenientes que acontecem os episódios de dor de dente envolvendo os dentes do siso (os terceiros molar

As consequências não tão óbvias da perda de um dente!

Imediatamente após a perda dentaria, o osso que envolve o dente começa a reabsorver, diminuindo em volume. Com o tempo, a espessura também diminui por esse processo de reabsorção, dificultando a reabilitação dos elementos perdidos naquela áre

Welcome to INTEGRA Odonto SJC

Changing Lives One Smile A Time!

Our purpose is to offer a high quality integrated dental treatment to whoever needs it, majorly divided in two steps: the corrective one, in which we evaluate the patient’s oral health wholly and identify everything that require our clinical intervention, from higine corrections to rehabilitating and restaurative procedures, and as a team we elaborate a structured Treatment Plan for the patient; and the maintenance phase, in which we have actions with a preventive focus for the maintenance of our patient’s oral health condition.

We always emphasize to our patients that it is more costworthy, and also with a biological cost much lower, to keep your periodical visits to the dental office.

Taking care of your smile is taking care of your most important business card! 😉

Why Us

Let us take care of your smile!

Highly Trained Dental Team

Our entire staff is extremely well qualified in their areas of expertise. Their presence in important events to keep up do date with new technologies is mandatory!

Integrated Dentistry

We provide care in ALL major pillars of dentistry. Extensive treatments that involve many áreas of expertise are planned jointly, in a manner that we may deliver realistic and correct treatment options to our patients, that don't skip important steps, to provide the oral health rehabilitation involving not only esthetics, but also function.

Advanced Dental Treatment Facility And Equipment

We only work with top quality mterials. We're proud to practice dentistry with it's due dignity, offering only the best to our patients. Our equipments are dully inspected and revised so as to keep high quality standards even in minimum details.

Results That Will Make You Smile

Our patients' satisfaction is our big drive. We work extensively not only to make you smile, but to smile fully and healthy! We believe in our practice, and we love to see you smile after every treatment! =)

Our Services

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Restorative Dentistry

It is the branch that acts on the restoration of function and form of the tooth that suffered from caries, fractures, chemical erosion, friction or have an unsatisfactory esthetic.


It is the specialty that corrects the teeth's and the maxilary bones' position, acting in the reestabilishment not only of the esthetic, but also of the whole estomatognatic system.


It's the área responsible for the treatment and diagnosis of pathologies and anomalies related to the buccal and facial structures, acting from the removal of teeth (like the wisdom teeth) to graft tissue procedures, TMJ disfunctions, corrections of facial anomalies, treatment of traumas, etc.


It invoves the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of lesions and diseases of the dental pulp and roots, as well as lesions denominated periapicals, associated with the teeth's roots.


It's the área responsible for the prevention and/or treatment of diseases involving the teeth's supporting tissues, like gingivitis and it's evolution, periodontitis.

Prevention And Follow Up

What's the importance of a regular visit to the dental office? Well, as in any other area, the patient only benefits from the semestral check-up with the dentist.

Dental Implants

It acts on the oral rehabilitation by replacing lost elements similarly to how natural teeth work, with the implant (similar as screw, made of titanium) supporting the prosthetic component, as the roots offer support to the tooth's crown.

Prosthetic Dentistry

It acts on the rehabilitation of the esthetic and funcion of lost teeth, providing a new oral health condition to the patient, also acting on the preservation of the remaining adjacent teeth.

Pediatric Dentistry

The branch of dentistry that takes care of babies and children. The deciduous teeth, commonly known as ``milk tooth``, are important for the maxillary bones' development, keeping the necessary space for the permanent teeth that will follow, preventing anomalies and disfunctions involving speech, mastication and even breathing.

Occlusion and Temporo-Mandibular-Joint (TMJ)

They are terms that many times require a multidisciplinary approach within dentistry. The TMJ it one of the most complex joints in the human body, responsible for the mandibular movements. Disfunctions involving the TMJ require a thorough evaluation and follow up from your dentist!


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